TES Admin

Dear ELC/TES Community,

I’m thrilled to be moving across the city to join the Thacher Elementary/Early Learning Center communities. I have been the principal at Hill-Roberts Elementary for the past six years. Before joining the Attleboro Public Schools, I spent thirteen years in the Easton Public Schools. Nine of those years were as a 6th grade teacher at F.L.Olmsted School/Easton Middle School and then my final four years were as an Assistant Principal at the Richardson Olmsted School.

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend a handful of days over the spring visiting the TES/ELC. While wandering the halls, getting to know the staff and students I was struck by how welcoming everyone was as well as how dedicated the staff were to their students.

I’m already looking forward to the end of August! 

Frank W. Rich


I’m beyond excited to continue the important work we have started as a community over the past year. As I moved over to Thacher in October of 2021, the 2022-2023 school year will be my first full year as Assistant Principal. Starting back at Thacher was a full circle moment for me, as I began my Attleboro Public Schools career at Thacher in 2006 as a paraprofessional. In 2008, I took an open Technology Teacher position within the district and spent the past 14 years at Hill-Roberts Elementary School. Coming back “home” to Thacher has been so rewarding. I appreciate how incredibly welcoming everyone has been. I loved getting reintroduced to the school and building relationships with the community this year. 

I am looking forward to working with Mr. Rich this upcoming year to best support our TES/ELC incredible students and dedicated staff! 

Sarah Desautel

Assistant Principal